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11.07.2017 - 12.07.2017


Integrated Manual Therapy to Eliminate Multiple Nerve Compressions of the Lower Body 


Elite Sports Therapy & Corrective Exercises for Performance Enhancements and Pain Free Living - 2 Day Course - James Waslaski

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James Waslaski Returns to the UK in 2017

US Bodyworker James Waslaski is an author and international lecturer who has pioneered deep pain free orthopaedic massage, pain management, sports injury, and sports enhancement treatments. His unique structural and multidisciplinary bodywork approach has been taught throughout the United States, Ireland, London, Scotland, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Greece, Australia, and the Caribbean.   Through the use of an incredible multimedia presentation, James has presented at state, national and international massage conventions, as well as Chiropractic conventions, osteopathic conventions, the college of sports medicine, the University of South Wales, and the Olympic training centre in Australia. James spent 20 years working in hospitals and trauma centres  treating both medical and trauma patients prior to his training in massage. He has worked extensively with collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes and has published books, manuals, and a series of DVDs on sports injuries, chronic pain, and complicated orthopaedic conditions.   In 1999 James was the recipient of the FSMTA International Achievement Award. James was inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame in 2008 for pioneering a unique Multidisciplinary Approach for Pain Management and Sports Injuries. His unique and highly effective Structural Approach for eliminating pain throughout the body has brought him worldwide recognition as a leader in the massage and wellness industries. His upcoming new book ‘Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy - A Structural Approach to Pain Management’, hopes to bridge the gap between all healthcare practitioners and revolutionize the way healthcare leaders approach complicated pain conditions. 

Manual Therapy to Eliminate Multiple Nerve Crush Phenomenon of the Lower Body - Ireland Based on myofascial pain studies presented at Harvard Medical School, and research dating back to 1946, participants will learn new techniques that will forever change the way they approach myofascial pain, and nerve entrapment pain in the lower extremities. Too often the clinical diagnosis will focus too much on the area of clinical symptoms when dealing with peripheral nerve entrapments, without freeing up the proximal nerve entrapments that feed the peripheral nerves. Aligning the spine is simply not enough in many cases. Manual Therapists must remove the soft tissue restrictions causing stress on discs and fixating joints onto nerves. In the low back, 90% of patients suffering from disc injuries do NOT require surgery. These innovative structurally-oriented routines offer pain-free multi-modality methods for achieving immediate and permanent results for nerve entrapments throughout the kinetic chain of the lower extremity. We must look beyond things like disc herniation, compression of lumbar nerve roots, and spinal stenosis. You cannot treat clinical conditions like sciatica, tarsal tunnel, or Morton's neuroma if you do not free up the multiple fascial nerve adhesions and entrapments feeding from the spinal cord. James will incorporate dazzling 3-D functional anatomy and human dissection models to support his multi-disciplinary approach for assessment, treatment and correction of multiple nerve entrapment pain. Revolutionary techniques to release advanced stage hip capsule problems will be highlighted in this presentation. 

Corrective Exercises for Pain Free Living & Performance Enhancement - Ireland It is vital for all manual therapists to evaluate and treat overactive and under active muscle activity throughout the body. When certain muscle groups get tight and facilitated, and opposing muscles get weak and inhibited, it leads to musculoskeletal pain and decreased athletic performance. Classic examples are Lower Crossed Syndrome where the hip flexors get tight causing the hip extensors to not only get weak, but to not fire in the proper firing order. In Upper Crossed Syndrome the anterior shoulder muscles get tight and facilitated, causing pain in the upper back due to weak, inhibited shoulder and cervical stabilizers. Based on the stretching protocols of Aaron Mattes, and strengthening exercises from NASM, therapists will learn to eliminate supination and over-pronation of the foot, rotational patterns of the knee, low back pain, cervical pain and shoulder and arm pain. This dynamic multimedia presentation will take you inside the human body to eliminate joint pain throughout the body, and increase athletic performance to a whole new level.    Elite Sports Therapy Class - Ireland This unique course takes you far beyond the traditional event sports massage training. We will be looking at on-site sporting event work, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, and performance enhancement techniques. Olympic and professional athletes realize the benefits of elite sports therapy to fit their specific needs. How do you customize your techniques to compliment the work of the athletic trainer, sport medicine physician, physiotherapist, or chiropractor? Are you familiar with the biomechanics of the various different athletes? What about proper muscle firing orders for optimal performance? You will know which techniques can have a negative effect on performance, if applied too close to competition. You will look at protocols to enhance transitions in endurance events like triathlons. You will analyze movements of multiple sports, and eliminate overactive and underactive muscle activity to prevent sports injuries and enhance performance potential. This incredible course looks at Elite Sports Therapies that will set your work apart from the average sports massage therapist, and could pave the way to working at international sporting events, or securing a career with your favorite professional sports team.

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